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18th century watermill

Take a trip back more than 1,000 years to 1086, when William the Conqueror ordered a full survey of much of England and parts of Wales. The result was the Domesday Book, which notes three watermills in the Wittering area.

Archaeological surveys at Sacrewell suggest that ours was one of them, although that building is long gone.

The present watermill was built in 1755, with the waterwheel inside the building. The mill house was home for the miller and his wife, who would have baked bread in the bakery.

The watermill project

In 2013, the Heritage Lottery Fund approved a £1.4 million grant for the Sacrewell Watermill project to restore the working watermill and its associated buildings. The project will cost £1.7 million in total and incorporate a hydro-electric generator to create sustainable energy.

Work on the watermill is expected to be complete in summer 2015, making Sacrewell Watermill a centre for milling excellence and preserving the skills that were essential until the mechanical advances brought by the Industrial Revolution. The buildings will also become a centre for living history, recreating life up to the Second World War, when Land Army girls worked at Sacrewell.

In the meantime, there will be talks about what’s happening and regular updates on the website.