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If you're on the lookout for things to see at Sacrewell, we recommend taking a trip off the beaten path.

One visitors are often surprised at how much more there is to Sacrewell if you take the time to explore our 50-acre site, so take a ramble down the Amble Gamble, follow our wildlife trail or find your own way around.

En route you'll come across our many farm animals, including rare breed goats, sheep and pigs.

If you make your way to the Animal Village, you'll find our small animals, Discovery Centre and Hatchery, and if you're lucky, Glyn our resident woodcarver might be in his workshop and is always happy to chat about his work.

Take some time out on your journey to catch up on how the HLF Watermill Project is going in our 18th Century Watermill and get to grips with history by browsing some of our old farming equipment.

If you're on the look out for a longer adventure, take a walk on the wild side by following one of our ramble routes to discover the wealth of wildlife we have here, including Red Kites, water stick insects and Brown argus butterflies.