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Take a walk on the wild side and discover the beautiful Cambridgeshire farmland that inspired poet John Clare to write, “I found the poems in the fields and only wrote them down.”

Clare lived at Helpston and found his source material during long, solitary walks on the land surrounding the village. You can discover what fed his creativity on a ramble, a nature trek or a scavenger hunt – it’s up to you to choose from our selection of routes.

The one- and three-mile ramble routes explore the land leased to Riverford Organic Farms, following permissive footpaths with the agreement of the land manager and Natural England.

Keep an eye out for the rare red kites, which often rest in the fields or swoop low looking for carrion (that’s dead animals to you and me) to eat. There’s no admission charge for the ramble routes and well-behaved dogs are welcome on a lead.

The wildlife trail is a self-led walk around Sacrewell to discover links between farming and wildlife. Read the boards to find out about each area and record your findings in your memory book.

Ask at reception for details and information about any of the walks, trails and rambles or download them before your visit.