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As you wander through the Animal Village, you may hear some strange sounds coming from one of our stone barns. Don’t be alarmed – it’s resident woodcarver Glyn Mould, working on another of his award-winning masterpieces.

He’s worked for some of the country’s most important heritage sites, including the Palace of Westminster, Burghley House and the Supreme Court, as well as making more than 120 village signs and a sculpture for Glasgow’s City of Culture celebrations.

Other commissions include the Ambridge sign commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Archers, which is now on display at Sacrewell. He’s also produced a woodcarving for CBeebies.

You can see his work on special open days or join one of the woodcarving courses he runs in the barn, which houses more than 300 gouges and chisels, mallets and other hand tools; a gouge saw and pillar drill; reference books and a printer/copier. He’ll even tailor-make courses for specialist groups.

Other rural crafts are on show during some of our events. In the past, these have included wool spinning, rag rug making, willow weaving and wood turning. We’re hoping to give a home to more crafts in the future.

For more information about Glyn and his courses, visit or call 07753 298501.